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 小林道夫 Michio Kobayashi
Michio Kobayashi
★レコーディング・アーティスト Recording Artists
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Born in 1933. After Tokyo Metropolitan Koyamadai High School Kobayashi graduated from Tokyo University of Arts. He then left for Germany and studied at the Music Academy in Detmold. A leading artist in various fields including the harpsichord, piano, chamber music, and conducting. With his detailed knowledge of Baroque music receiving the highest acclaim as a Bach specialist. Invited as conductor at Bach Cantata Club of Tokyo University of Arts in 1970 and nurtured many performers who later became pivotal artists of Bach music in Japan. As an accompanist, Kobayashi has performed with world’s great artists, including Fischer-Dieskau, Ernst Haefliger, Hermann Prey, Gundula Janowitz, Arleen Auger, JP Rampal, Aurèle Nicolet, Pièrre Fournier, which led him to be called Gerald Moore of Japan (the world leading accompanist), and receives high acclaim and trust from all the performers. Kobayashi’s chamber music programs have great diversity and his depth of interpretation backed by the long career is highly reputed all over the world.
Awarded Mainichi Music New Face Award (1956), Torii Music Award (now Suntory Music Award) (1970), Die Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum Commemorative Medal (1972) and Mobil Music Award (1979). Following assignments as Affiliated Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts and Osaka University of Arts, currently teaching at Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture as Affiliated Professor.

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