Camerata Tokyo is a company dealing with both concert management and record production to promote their artists through these two media.

Since Hiroshi Isaka founded Camerata in 1978, the company has been involved, as its Latin name suggests, in intimate collaboration with some of the world’s greatest musicians. Not only has the founder himself produced the company’s entire over 600 recordings with the help of Camerata’s state-of-the-art engineering talent and facilities, the company extends its commitment by organizing concerts and managing every aspect of artist’s repertoire to bring great music to discerning audiences.

Musical luminaries Camerata has recorded include: Orchestra; Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Bruckner Orchester Linz, Basler Symphonie Orchester, Wiener Opernball Orchester, Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor; Kurt Eichhorn, Walter Weller, Antoni Wit, Uwe Theimer. Ensemble; I Solisti di Perugia, Ensemble „11“, Ensemble Wien-Berlin, Vienna Philharmonia Quartet, Vienna String Quartet, Panocha Quartet, Philharmonia Quartet Berlin, Wiener Biedermeier Solisten, Beethoven Trio Wien. Voice; Ernst Haefliger, Victoria de Los Angeles, Izabela Labuda, Ryszard Karczykowski, Melanie Holliday, Heinz Hollecek. Piano; Bruno Canino, Edith Picht-Axenfeld, Roland Batik, Stefan Vladar, Doris Adam. Violin; Werner Hink, Karin Adam, Saschko Gawriloff, Volkhard Steude. Cello; Maurice Gendron, Walter Nothas. Flute; Severino Gazzelloni, Aurèle Nicolet, Paul Meisen, William Bennett, Wolfgang Schulz, Dieter Flury. Oboe; Heinz Holliger, Thomas Indermühle. Clarinet; Karl Leister, Peter Schmidl. Bassoon; Milan Turkovic. Recorder; Hans Maria Kneihs. Organ; Peter Planyavsky, Claudio Brizi.
Based in Vienna, where Camerata has its own facility, recording has also occurred in Linz, Austria, as well as in Germany, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Slovak, Poland and Italy in relatively close proximity to the native environs of many of the artists.

Internationally renowned Japanese artists who have recorded for Camerata include Mitsuko Shirai, Hiromi Okada, Keiko Toyama, Yuko Shiokawa, Ko Iwasaki. The label is also active in recording works of such Japanese and Asian composers as Akira Ifukube, Teizo Matsumura, Shin-ichiro Ikebe, Minoru Miki, Akira Nishimura, Takashi Yoshimatsu, Ryohei Hirose, Akira Miyoshi, Sômei Satoh, Tokuhide Niimi and Toshi Ichiyanagi. The 10-CD set “Composition of Yun Isang” is another example of Camerata’s commitment to help contemporary works by non-western composers find their audience.

In 2001 Camerata has made a worldwide distribution agreement with Austrian based company Zappel Music. ZAPPEL MUSIC - Joe Morscher is the exclusive representative for Camerata in Europe. Camerata and Zappel Music will re-release the most important titles from the existing Camerata catalogue, alongside with new recordings in especially for the “western” markets adopted CD versions. All titles on the Camerata International CD Catalogue are now available on Zappel Music international distribution.

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